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We just got back from Boston! It always seems to take a good week to really get back into our routine after arriving home, as well Lenny is always a bit sad after we get back and I try my best to put a smile on his face. During a quick run to the grocery store, I decided to surprise him with one of his favorite Portuguese dishes that I can make, Kale and Chick Pea Soup.

I made a nice but simple broth out of garlic, yellow onions, a bit of chili pepper and chicken stock, then I added the chick peas and let it simmer for 30 minutes – the smell of garlic and chick peas filled the house, it reminded me of when my grandmother use to make a Basque dish of garlic and potatoes, it was divine! Then I added some thinly sliced red kale and let it simmer just until it was slightly wilted. Topped off with a garlic rubbed and toasted baguette and a poached egg. Not as good as mom’s; but, just as comfortable!

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