WOW, times flies! We can not believe that it has been a year since we or I started this documented journal of what we eat nightly! We made a little video to show our thanks as well as to give you the recipe for these must make margaritas! See below! As a celebration of the birth of Chez US, we decided to re-create the original meal -of Vegetarian Enchiladas with a Tomatillo Chiptole Sauce.

I freeze dry-farmed tomatoes towards the end of the season – just whole – I throw them into a Ziploc container and freeze them. Great to have on hand when you want really fresh tomato flavor in a sauce. This particular time, I cleaned out our supply and the sauce was incredibly flavorful – really fantastic! Slightly smoky and tasting like a garden full of fresh juicy tomatoes! I stuffed the tortillas with roasted eggplant, squash, mushrooms, cilantro (lots of it) fresh green garlic and onions and cheese. It was even better than a year ago and the photos were really nice ….. then I hit delete and lost them all, except for the margarita kick off one! Lucky for all of us, Lenny is in charge of editing the video … so sit back and enjoy our first, “instructional video” on how to make these fantastic Blood Orange Margaritas!


Can’t see the video, click here!

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