The first time I ever had a kumquat, I was a young girl and all I remember was popping into my mouth and then almost hurling. I pretty much stayed far away from that point on.

















Then some 30+ years later I stumble upon this post over at Chez Pim’s pad and I am completely intrigued … candied kumquats served with cheese or with deep dark chocolate – OH MY! I kind of put the thought way back into my mind, while it did creep up every so often, that is until I saw A Fruit A Month event being hosted by Coffee & Vanilla and the star fruit was Ms. Kumquat. Now was definitely the time, to let her steep in a nice sugary bath for a few hours and then to tuck her nicely into some cute little Weck jars! So, in the midst of being sick this week and in between bad tv, I candied the kumquats, I even ate a few and let me say this… I AM NOT AFRAID anymore!

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