to Elle, over at Feeding My Enthusiams for nominating us for this award. We are honored, thrilled and so very surprised to receive it. We had no intentions of really keeping up this blog, when we started it; but, we soon realized how much fun we were having as well we were equally pleased to hear from people who also enjoyed it, so we kept it up and now here we are – accepting this ever so kind award from Elle! Elle writes a delightful blog about her culinary escapades in Northern California, she even grows her own quince – which amazed me the first time I read about that! If you have not read her blog, you really should!

Part of accepting this award is in turn to pass it along. While away this weekend, we talked about who we should pass it along too, this was a tough decision. There are so many wonderful food blogs out there and so much raw talent, that it really overwhelms one; but, we had to narrow it down! Drum roll ……

Tartelette – if I had not been looking for the “ultimate” macaron recipe, I would have never found Helen nor the world of blogging. She was really my first inspiration to this new and exciting world of food!

Chez Pim -once Helen got my feet wet in the world of blogs, I found Pim and have not stopped enjoying her life! She truly is an inspiration that anyone can make blogging fun and adventurous. We love eating with her throughout her travels, whether overseas or in the bay area.

The Traveler’s Lunchbox – once we were splashing around the food blog world, I stumbled upon this wonderful blog across the pond. Fantastic stories about traveling and food, a must if you love to jet off to exciting lands and eat your way through them.

David Lebovitz – we are big Francophiles and definitely live our lives through David. His wit is more than entertaining and his writings about food (ICE CREAM) are fantastic, we never tire of his site.

La Tartine Gourmande – Bea has some of the most inspiring food photography on her site. I love reading about her cooking, in both French and English!

Foodbeam – Fanny is a delight, from her cute site to her wonderful stories about cooking, particularly baking. I love hearing the stories about her family and her life in France. As well she has just about every one of our favorite French pastries listed!

Married with Dinner – I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for information on bergamot and I was amazed when I read about this couple (Anita & Cameron) who are in the bay area and they grow their own bergamont tree, as well as many other fantastic varieties. They have an amazing blog focused around cocktails and eating sustainably and locally, two areas we try to keep going in our household as well. Their site is a must read for us. .

White on Rice Couple – we just stumbled upon Diane and Todd’s blog a couple months ago and we read it all the time. They are a feisty couple in Southern California, who have this wonderful and warm spirit to them as well they share the same passion for good food, drinking and living life, as we do. We have been friends with them the past few weeks and are really enjoying their company via the virtual world. Not only do they write with such passion about food; but, they have some very entertaining videos online, that are a delight to watch and learn from!

Use Real Butter – when we first found this site, we were digging the title, then we digged a little further and we loved the photos, definite inspiration; then, we digged further and discovered a couple who are going through one of life’s biggest challenges and instead of letting it bring them down, they are seizing every moment as the best and living their lives to the absolute fullest all via food (and a love of the outdoors). Jen’s amazing spirit should be a lesson for all of us; she is truly an amazing woman!!

Holy Basil – is one of our new favorite must reads. Christine has done a fantastic job of putting together a mouth drooling site. The photographs are outstanding and the recipes are very inviting as well. Her weekly salads are really nice.

<loud clapping>!!

Part of receiving the award is then passing it along. Here are the rules relating to the Excellent award.

– Find at least 10 more blogs of any kind which you deem to be excellent;
– Post about which blogs you picked, linking to me and to them;
– Once you’ve posted, return here to let me know your post is up, and of course let your 10 award winners know, too.


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