We have joined Chou over at Balance for Food for the annual RSBC. I hate to inform Chou and everyone else that we/I did not do as well as we/I would have liked! See my sorry excuses that I sent Chou!

We are participating; but, not too well this week. L. had to travel for business, I came down with a crappy cold which is lingering this weekend and I did not get a chance to make the Kale Hash I wanted to make for breakfast today. But, on the upside, we did well with the working out part, or at least I did. I walked Monday – Wednesday, anywhere from 2 – 3 miles, on the hills of San Francisco & mind you not a leisurely stroll but a hustle of a walk and I ran a mile two days, as well – I think the run triggered the cold to settle in my chest. So, we did part of this great challenge; but, not enough in my opinion. Next week for sure!!!

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