We have decided to take part in the Eat Local Challenge. I do not believe I realized how hard it was going to be, when I talked L. into it, until I actually signed up for it – eeks!! I say this next statement in a few deep breaths; I hope we don’t fail, I hope we live up to my expectations as well as the local challenges and ….I can not believe I committed to this without shopping first. It was be a challenge as well as we have family in town for a week and a half, which will require some eating out but we will be trying to have them over for our “local cooking” as much as possible as well! Anyhow, tonight I had to go with what we had in the house, which I am proud to say was “organic”, not sure how local even though I did purchase at Wholefoods. Regardless, we are committed to giving this challenge our best!

Tonight, I sauteed bok choy with some shallots, garlic, some hot peppers (from our garden) and Portbellas. Light, yummy and somewhat (a very little) local!

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