This is not the usually dinner that we serve around Chez but instead it is my second challenge with the Fabu DBs. This particular event was hosted by Veronica & Patricia and it was for a Milk Chocolate and Caramel Tart.

Now, I am not a baker by any means. I can whip up a mean multi-course dinner but when it comes to baking I am usually a flop; therefore, I was pretty darn excited when I was invited to become part of this group. I loved their inspiration and I needed the challenge to get me away from the norm. This was my second challenge & in all honesty, I was scared. Much to my surprise, it was fun and easy! Here are my exact words to the group once I finished it …

“Perfect! I finished my challenge yesterday & I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was! Served it to L. and a guest for dessert. I was doubting it big time, for a few reasons: I don’t usually make tarts, I felt the caramel filling was some what suspect, my milk chocolate topping disappointed me (maybe my cream had to high of a fat content? even though my melted chocolate was cooled down, it started melting the whipped cream)and I tried it twice, finally had to use the last batch. I put it in the fridge to cool while we had dinner and I thought for sure I was going to hate it. I told L. and W. to be really honest, that they would not hurt my feelings – L. said he would had preferred Dark (we both love dark), but that it was very good and W. said it was f—– great (sorry for the profanity, but those were his words and he is somewhat reserved)! My thoughts: it looked awesome even though the cream topping was not that pretty and I loved the caramel filling and the crust: but, would had preferred a darker chocolate!”

Take a risk and challenge yourself. Enjoy!

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