We headed across the pond in November for a business trip in London.  It was the first time we had been to London together, as well it was the first time in twenty years, for both of us, to step on British land.  We went with zero expectations other than completing our client’s project at […]

Sao Miguel, Azores

Sao Miguel, Azores | Chez Us

We are home, and somewhat settled back into our day to day routine.  Have to admit, we miss vacation, and are already planning our next adventure!  As you may remember, we went to the motherland, where it all started for Lenny, back in August.  This said motherland would be the Azore Islands, where his family […]

Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal | Chez Us

I have been hanging onto this write-up for the hopes of making a great Portuguese recipe to go along with it.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to cook some Portuguese food, but I have time to tell you about our trip to Lisbon Portugal.               We had no expectation […]

48 Hours in Venice Beach

48 Hours in Venice Beach

Lenny had to make a quick trip to Los Angeles back in June, and I decided to tag along.  Normally, I stay home, and man (or woman) the office, but decided a little Southern California time would be fun.  Hotels were insane so we looked towards AirBNB, found a bungalow in Venice Beach and headed […]

Pan con Tomate

Pan con Tomate  |  Chez Us

Back in February we decided to jaunt over to Spain, particularly Barcelona to visit friends who have been living there since August.  I had never been to Barcelona, and this would be Lenny’s third trip, both of us were excited to see everyone we had been missing, and I could not wait to take a […]

Blackberry Cobbler

Downieville California

This recipe for a blackberry cobbler is overdue;  apologies for keeping it a secret.  I had all intentions of sharing this before Labor Day then time took over our schedules.  Did all of our US readers have a nice long weekend?  We were back East for a few days to celebrate Lenny’s mothers 70th birthday. […]

Todos Santos (part two)

El Zuguan Todos Santos Mexico

A typical day for Chez Us in Todos Santos starts with Denise chasing early morning light.  One of her favorite things to do when traveling is to wake up early to capture the light that is gently warming a city and to take in a place that is waking up to begin the day.  Not […]

Guaycura Hotel Todos Santos Mexico

Guaycura Hotel

Guaycuras were the founders of Todos Santos, and were hunters and gathers who founded the small Mexican village of Todos Santos.  They fished with spears, and hunted with bows and arrows, and lead a simple life.  Unfortunately, around 1800s, illness as well as clashes with soldiers, decimated the Guaycuras, then they vanished.  Today, the Guaycura […]