Blackberry Cobbler

Downieville California

This recipe for a blackberry cobbler is overdue;  apologies for keeping it a secret.  I had all intentions of sharing this before Labor Day then time took over our schedules.  Did all of our US readers have a nice long weekend?  We were back East for a few days to celebrate Lenny’s mothers 70th birthday. […]

Todos Santos (part two)

El Zuguan Todos Santos Mexico

A typical day for Chez Us in Todos Santos starts with Denise chasing early morning light.  One of her favorite things to do when traveling is to wake up early to capture the light that is gently warming a city and to take in a place that is waking up to begin the day.  Not […]

Guaycura Hotel Todos Santos Mexico

Guaycura Hotel

Guaycuras were the founders of Todos Santos, and were hunters and gathers who founded the small Mexican village of Todos Santos.  They fished with spears, and hunted with bows and arrows, and lead a simple life.  Unfortunately, around 1800s, illness as well as clashes with soldiers, decimated the Guaycuras, then they vanished.  Today, the Guaycura […]

Todos Santos (part one)

Todos Santos Mexico

It had been three long years since we took a proper vacation.  By proper, I mean, dusting off the passport, boarding a plane, and enjoying lazy days just the two of us.  Vacation, in my opinion, is not traveling for work, or to see family.  I stand by that, oh yes I do. Back in […]

Talking about Spain, Food, Travel and Photography Workshops

Spanish Meatballs

Spain, I have had you on my mind for a few months now…… I blame it on the fact that we are dying to take a vacation, and now a few events have been teasing me.  First was the arrival of a gorgeous new to me cookbook written by Jose Pizarro, I cannot wait to tell you all […]

Tomales Bay and Oysters on the Half Shell with Mignonette Sauce

oyster tasting Tomales Bay Oysters

We had a great Sunday, two weeks ago, with our friends Niko and Kimberly.  They asked us to join them for an afternoon tooling up the Northern California Coast to sample oysters.  Neither of us have done this before, even though we love (okay, I LOVE) oysters.  Lenny, just likes them;  but, after this excursion […]

Weekend Getaway | Mendocino California

Mendocino California

Being a regular reader of Chez Us, you know that we normally do not write about traveling, as often as we should.  We do love doing it, and do it often.  Maybe we should change that for 2012?  Recently we decided to jump into the car and take a jaunt up to coastal Northern California. […]

Gascony France and Charcuterie


Ferme Baradieu is run by the Chapolard family and it is a true example of sustainability as they grow the feed for their pigs, they butcher the pigs and they sell the meat and house-made Charcuterie, at the weekly markets in their immediate areas — truly “Seed to Sausage”.