Crushing On
Silvia’s Beef Empanadas | Chez Us
Breakfast Fajita Tacos_Emily Caruso
48 Hours in Venice Beach

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Crushing On

Crushing On

Happy Friday!  I am thrilled it is the weekend.  It has been along week.  Work has been crazy busy.  My mom had hip surgery – all is good, and she will be dancing in no time.  And this guy has a birthday this weekend.  He definitely completes me, and we have so much fun together, […]

Silvia’s Beef Empanadas | Chez Us

Silvia’s Beef Empanadas

Super excited to share a delicious partnership with an Argentina wine that we recently had the pleasure of learning about, Argento.  We were invited to a dinner a few months ago, where winemaker Silvia Corti made us fall in with some super exciting wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina.  This personal recipe of Silvia’s […]

Breakfast Fajita Tacos_Emily Caruso

Breakfast Fajita Tacos

Emily Caruso is a photographer, writer, recipe developer, wife and mom to two kiddos who is always cooking up something that is not only delicious but easy enough for the every-day home cook to make, over at her amazing site Jelly Toast.  We first met Emily during the MIXED Conference last fall, and instantly were […]

48 Hours in Venice Beach

48 Hours in Venice Beach

Lenny had to make a quick trip to Los Angeles back in June, and I decided to tag along.  Normally, I stay home, and man (or woman) the office, but decided a little Southern California time would be fun.  Hotels were insane so we looked towards AirBNB, found a bungalow in Venice Beach and headed […]

Crushing On

Crushing On

Happy Friday!  It has been a week over here at Chez Us.  Busy week getting ready for some client projects the next couple weeks, as well we decided to do some work on the house which sounds funny because it is only three years old.  We ripped out the carpets on the 3rd floor and […]

Piment d'ville Crusted Tri Tip | Chez Us

Piment d’ville Crusted Tri-Tip

I have been working on some recipes for a birthday boy’s special dinner that is coming up, and I am pretty sure I nailed it with this recipe for Piment d’ville Crusted Tri-Tip.  This my friends, is a great recipe to have on hand for grilling season.     Let’s talk about what Piment d’ville is. […]

Lentil Tacos with Tomato Radish Salsa | Chez Us

Taco Tuesday

I have been trying to get into the kitchen for the past week as I have a few killer taco recipes on my mind;  but, my day-to-day job, the one that really makes the bread and butter has been insane this summer.  I hated to disappoint y’all again, so I put together a round-up of […]

What’s In Season

zucchini cakes

Zucchini Pancakes with Minty Dill Creme Fraiche

We were thrilled to be asked back to participate with Summer Fest.  In case you are not familiar with what Summer Fest is, the Food Network came up with this brilliant idea to get a group of food loving bloggers together, every week, to create a dish featuring a seasonal ingredient.  We played along last year […]

Gluten Free Cherry Clafouti 0811

Gluten Free Cherry Clafoutis

A traditional Limousin Clafoutis made with pit-left-in dark cherries; the only twist, is that it is made gluten free by using coconut flour.

Rye and Peach BBQ Sauce

Peach and Rye BBQ Sauce

Outrageously delicious, and easy to make homemade BBQ Sauce using the ripest summer peaches, good ole fashioned Rye and sultry smoked chipotle peppers to kick it up. Great for your next grill-out session as it compliments a range of mains such as burgers or even grilled portabello mushrooms.

Grilled Peach Salsa

Grilled Peach and Cucumber Salsa

It was great to come back from holiday to find peach season in an abundance.  I love peaches.  Lenny could go either way.  I love how they look, feel, and smell.  They kind of remind me of a freshly washed baby;  you just cannot get enough of them.  Lenny use to say he was allergic. […]

Piadine with grilled zucchini 0511

Zucchini Piadine

Last week was crazy.  Kind of a blur.  It was a bit more exciting than a normal week, as we got to do a live web-cast for Hugh Jackman.  Yep, that is right, that hunky guy Hugh Jackman.  Ladies, he is just as sexy in person as he is on screen.  I was gitty, and […]

Roasted Strawberry Sauce  |  Chez Us

Roasted Strawberry Sauce

This is not your ordinary Smuckers Strawberry Sauce that you grew up with as a kid. This is a slow roasted version with balsamic vinegar.

Summer Sips

Homemade Margarita Mix

Homemade Margarita Mix

The shortage of limes in the country is not a reason to stop drinking margaritas.  There are many options where you can still enjoy the icy summer treat, such as citrus, melons and even bottled mixer.  I late the latter as it is overly sweet, not enough sour, and t typically is not even made […]

Wine Spritzer

Wine Spritzer

I have steered clear of wine spritzer type cocktails since my early days of drinking.  Back then it was often a overly sweet and fruity drink that left a headache afterwards.  Then I discovered the fine art of adding ice to my glass of Rose during a trip to the south of France.  Being from […]

mint lemmo

Mint Lemmo

When my friend Jacqueline asked me to join her Summer Solstice party, I  knew I really wanted to attend, even virtually.  But, I was just coming off of a plane from a week of relaxation and the last thing on my mind was the kitchen.  Or cooking.  It is true, I had been pampered for […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

I am hoping that you are not completely tired of seeing the strawberry rhubarb combination as this drink is sultry.  This recipe for a strawberry rhubarb margarita is the perfect companion for a hot summer night.  No need to worry about using the last of the Spring time rhubarb as it is made with rhubarb […]

Smokey Cantaloupe Lime Cocktails

Smoky Cantaloupe Lime Cocktails

Getting quick and dirty here with a short but sweet post.  It is Labor Day weekend in the US, which could mean a few things.  1) You are planning some pretty serious cook-outs at your home;  2)  You are a burner and are heading to the desert for a weekend of daubachy;  3)  You just […]

blue fizz

Blueberry Thyme Gin Fizz

I have been playing with flavored waters and homemade simple syrups for a couple months now.  We usually have a big pitcher of flavored water on the counter, that is replenished throughout the day.  It is a great way to remind yourself to hydrate, and the different flavors make the water more interesting.  We are not soda drinkers at […]