Easy Chicken Tostadas

Easy Chicken Tostada

I wrote about making smashed beans a couple days ago.  While we really enjoy them as it, they are also great to use in recipes.  And if you make a big batch, you will have enough for a few recipes such as this one for Easy Chicken Tostadas.  Well … maybe you will have enough, if you […]

Springtime Risotto

Springtime Risotto

Risotto is a go-to-meal for us.  Despite what most people think, it is not that complicated.  Sure it takes a little time, but it’s worth every sweet bite.  And, love takes time, and look at how worth, love is.  So, put aside your fears and make risotto. Despite the nasty rumors that you have to […]

Poached Chicken


Last year, when I was reading a new favorite food blog, I stumbled upon an idea.  The poached chicken. I loved this idea as I could kill (no pun intended) two birds with one stone.  I could have silky poultry to use throughout the week, and a head-start on a batch of stock.  Since reading that […]

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Sumac

Boneless Leg of Lamb

I grew up eating lamb.  Lamb was not a luxury by any means back in the olden days.  My parents brought a lamb, had it butchered, packaged and put into our freezer.  It seemed logical as my heritage is Basque and we come from a long-line of shepherds to lambs. I hated the meat.  While […]

Chicken Etouffee

Chicken Etouffee

Some twenty years ago I took my first and only trip to New Orleans.  I wish I could say I was there with a lover or a friend, but instead it was purely a business trip.  It was in May, and it was hot and muggy.  We were hungry wandering the streets of New Orleans. […]

Shake and Bake Coconut Chili Pork Chops

Shake and Bake Coconut Chili Pork Chops

I had such a great time developing a recipe for Lindsay Olives for this month’s Kitchen PLAY event, that I decided to participate, as well.  It really is fun, innovating and kind of reminds me of a Chopped Episode! The National Pork Board conducted a survey to find out the trends with pork and holiday […]

Chicken Marabella

Chicken Marbella-4

I am not sure about you, but the holidays seem to leave me in a whirlwind.  They always sneak up on me, and just run right through our household.  I never feel like we have enough time to really enjoy them.  And every year, on January 1, I say the same thing, “this year will […]

Summer Chicken Pot Pie

Summer Chicken Pot Pie 0611

It is that time of the month again;  time for the Let’s Lunch group to get together to nosh.  This month’s nibble is pies.  No, I did not instantly think of a sticky, gooey, and sweet pie.  Instead, my thoughts jumped to savory.  Particularly, chicken pot pie.  You know the kind;  thick chunks of chicken, […]