Chicken Marabella

Chicken Marbella-4

I am not sure about you, but the holidays seem to leave me in a whirlwind.  They always sneak up on me, and just run right through our household.  I never feel like we have enough time to really enjoy them.  And every year, on January 1, I say the same thing, “this year will […]

Summer Chicken Pot Pie

Summer Chicken Pot Pie 0611

It is that time of the month again;  time for the Let’s Lunch group to get together to nosh.  This month’s nibble is pies.  No, I did not instantly think of a sticky, gooey, and sweet pie.  Instead, my thoughts jumped to savory.  Particularly, chicken pot pie.  You know the kind;  thick chunks of chicken, […]

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata 0411

Who doesn’t love crispy chicken fat, cooked with tangy lemon, and salty capers?  Hmmmm, we feel it goes hand in hand.   We have been whipping up chicken piccata for the past couple weeks.  It is simple.  It is tasty.  Of course, we do it a bit differently;  otherwise, we’d be like all the other […]

Charcutepalooza: Brining a Beef Brisket to make Corned Beef

Corned Beef Dinner 7 0311

WOWZA!  I was really excited when I read about the March Charcutepalooza Challenge;  brining.  I have been wanting to brine a brisket, to make my own Corned Beef, ever since I received the Bi-Rite newsletter, last year. Cathy and Kim, our taste-buds thank you for picking this challenge. This month’s challenge gave us two options to play with.  The Apprentice […]

Crustless Lamb Pie

Fresh Herbs 0311

We love lamb.  Clearly we do not eat it enough, and we should change that.  The other day we were craving some tender, young lamb;  unfortunately, we did not have access to our favorite lamb, so I picked up some ground, New Zealand lamb from Wholefoods.  We tossed around the idea of grilling up some […]

Making Pancetta

Pancetta 0211

One quiet afternoon, a piece of “savory pork” was dangled in front of my virtual nose, of course I followed it.  To my surprise there was a new-to-me food blog, Mrs. Wheelbarrow, and it was ready to be devoured!  Cathy, suggested that I may be interested in an event she had started with the Yummy […]

Spicy chicken, Kabocha Squash and Roasted Garlic Rice

HHDD Spicy Chicken 1010

I have been on the road, traveling for work and have not had a chance to post our small but delicious round-up for this round of HHDD #35.  This recipe is really simple to make and very tasty – easy for a mid-week dinner. As well with the holidays around the corner and everyone’s busy […]

Spicy chicken, pumpkin and roasted garlic rice


Hay Hay it’s Donna Day is back after a short but sweet summer break.  The past couple weeks I have been tweeting and asking, what do you want.  Sweet?  Savory?  Everyone came back with savory.  Savory it is.  I picked an easy and delicious spicy chicken dish with pumpkin.  Vegetarians – let’s see your take […]