A Give Away | Just for Dad Gift Box


I am not sure about y’all;  but, my dad is hard to shop for.  What do you buy a man who has everything.  He doesn’t work any longer, so scrap the token tie.  My dad is a simple man with simple tastes but he does appreciate a good nosh when put in front of him. […]


Cured Salmon_small Danielle Tsi

Isn’t this salmon gorgeous?  Deep and vibrant color;  you can actually see the texture on each slice.  The little subtle hints of curing;  black pepper, parsley, rosemary, lemon;  but, you still know it will be served as an appetizer with the nuts peeking out at  you.  It makes me hungry.  How about you?  Are you […]

Hay Hay it’s Donna Day | Round-up

Beef Skewers 1  0410

Announcement I am pleased to announce that the votes are in and our hostess for HHDD #31 will be ……. Mardi of Eat. Live. Travel. Write.  Keep our eyes open as Mardi has something delicious picked out for the next round (it is sweet).  She will be announcing it next week! ******************* I am embarrassed;  this is […]

Chocolate and Mother’s Day

Chocolate Slab

Pure Dark Chocolate – premium beans roasted to perfection, meanly insanely intense chocolate that is then combined with the finest fruits and nuts, to make the best dark chocolate you have ever let melt on your tongue.

CrEATe Your Day with Oatmeal


CONGRATULATIONS!!  We have two winners Cate from Budget Confessions Tamar from Starving Off The Land please email me your mailing addresses asap – denise@chezus.com You may only think we eat dinner around here as I seldom write about breakfast;  but, we cannot live on dinner alone.  Breakfast is a big part of our day.  If […]

RSBC Challenge: Week 4


Long over due … have to apologize to my partner, Christy, as well as the participants in RSBC.  No excuses except life! Week 4 of the RSBC Challenge brought us the near forgotten grain, Barley.  I kept the challenge simple by using it as a main ingredient for dinner one night.  At first I thought […]

Ten in 10 | Week 4


Okay, we promised you a “great” post on how we are doing our healthy challenge and we are failing you.  Saturday just beats me to the punch every week.  As well we are going to admit, it has been a terrible week for working out.  We were swamped with work and meetings and did not […]

Ten in 10 | Week 3


I am running out to the market and wanted to get this up before it was not Saturday.  I had all intentions of writing out a decent post, detailing how and what we are doing at this point for our Ten in 10 Healthy Challenge …. time got away from me.  Next week I will […]