US friends are you having a nice long weekend?  It has been relaxing for us over at Chez Us, with some long walks, a little work, took in a play and saw friends.  Today we are grilling and making this and that.  As well, Lenny is going to make a galette for dessert, something new!  I am itching to travel for fun, not work, and my Crushing On definitely shows that this week!  Hope you enjoy.

Crushing On


Have a groovy week ….

This salad – summer inspiration

This bedroom

These travel blogs – passport is always ready

This cocktail – screams summer sipping

This post – I like NO

This doughnut board – want them all

These life lessons – which is your favorite

This destination

These treats – who doesn’t like chocolate

This clock – want, not sure where to put

This advise – all about ribs

This destination – that water


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