I am so happy it is Friday, even though, it means we are traveling for work next week.  I had a bumper crop of recipes planned to cook, shoot and share this week.  Then I came down with the flu.  I have a feeling my body was just completely run down after a long month and a half, and the bug overtook me.  The nice thing about being sick is that I was able to waste precious time scouring Pinterest, and catching up on my RSS feed.  Well, summer is officially over, as well peaches are almost gone from the markets.  Are you feeling like it is Fall yet?  I decided that all things pumpkin were banned from our house until October 1, and now I am Crushing On all things pumpkin and/or pumpkin colored.  Don’t worry there are some non-pumpkin crushes listed as well.

Crushing On  |  Chez Us

Hope you enjoy, and we hope you have a splendid weekend.

This pasta

This soup

This bread

This pumpkin carve off

This fall outfit

This home cook journal

This funny post about fruit flies (Lenny wrote it)

These macaroons

This risotto

This gnocchi

These pizzas

This tart

These squash chips

This lasagna

These potatoes

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 

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