Crushing On

Happy Friday!  It has been a week over here at Chez Us.  Busy week getting ready for some client projects the next couple weeks, as well we decided to do some work on the house which sounds funny because it is only three years old.  We ripped out the carpets on the 3rd floor and had wood floors put in.  We I am so happy, and they look great.  Now I can begin the process of decorating those rooms.  During the whole carpet gig, I had to move my shooting space yet again this year, and have decided I love the light on the bottom floor more.  That means I will be converting the old space into the new space.  As well we are having storage built in the garage to get rid of clutter.  I have been obsessing over a major hair change;  lighter blond and maybe going short.  What do you think?  As well, we are gearing up for birthday week at our house, as Lenny has a birthday coming up!  I have some fun little things planned the next few days.  I always get excited over his birthday, and love going a bit crazy.  Do you do the same in your house?  I love what Kristen does for her kids, but am thinking Lenny may be a little old.

Not much time to crush this week but I am crushing on a few things that I cannot wait to share with y’all.

Have a great weekend!

Crushing On


These strawberries

This potato salad

This grilled tri-tip

This instagram

These drumsticks

This chair

This cake

These sunglasses

Theses cookies

These chips

This hair cut

These skewers

This jewelry designer (have a piece & LOVE)

This salad

This snack 

This jam

This floor

This fin

These body scrubs

These cocktails

These oysters


  1. That jam is one of my new faves. Such a lovely balance of flavors.

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