Korean Beef Tacos

Okay, we probably let the cat out of the bag with our newest obsession kimchi slaw.  I mean, it was only logical that Korean Beef Tacos were going to be served any day now.  Right?  In addition, to that killer slaw, we have been enjoying these Korean Beef Tacos a few (maybe too many) times.  After all, we had to nail it.


Korean Beef Tacos  |  Chez Us


I remember the first time I ever had Korean beef BBQ, I was simply hooked.  I am not sure if it was the salty and smokey beef or the abundance of grilled green onions that were served alongside the meat, but I loved it.  We don’t really eat Korean food out all that often, if at all, instead I make what few recipes come to mind at home.  All I can say is that we have been grubbing on this recipe.

I have tried this recipe, two different ways, one with pan sautéed strips of steak as well as grilled flank steak.  I did not want you to feel like you couldn’t enjoy this taco recipe if you do not have a grill, so I tried it out both ways.  Same marinade, just different cooking techniques.  Both ways are really good, although grilling definitely adds a great layer of smokiness to the finished dish.


Korean Beef Tacos  |  Chez Us





  1. I’m such a fan of anything Asian flavored, and Korean is totally my latest jam. Love these guys and your marinade. It’s a classic at our house!

  2. Ooooh!!! Korean beef BBQ is the best meal JP and I had in NYC together ever! There was a place in Paris that used to do delicious BBQ too but how many years has it been? He’ll go crazy if I make this for him!

  3. We LOVE Korean BBQ here, any chance we can eat it. These look amazing!!!

  4. You’re killin’ me! I adore adore adore kimchi on tacos!

  5. Korean beef tacos would be a first for me! I would love to try these. I love the red pepper flake idea, although Tay wouldn’t be thrilled. This would be perfect date night food!!!

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