If we were hosting the Christmas holiday at our home, I would be serving this recipe for Cioppino on New Years Eve.  For those of you who are not familiar with Cioppino, it  is a seafood stew which originated in San Francisco.  Years ago when I had roommates, we would invite a few friends over before leaving for the holidays and I’d make a batch of it.  It became a tradition that has since been lost.  Last week that changed.


Normally we travel over the holidays, split between our families;  Thanksgiving on the West Coast and Christmas on the East Coast.  I struggle with this every year as I’d like to have a holiday at our home for once.  It became even more of a struggle after we bought our first home.  This year it became even more apparent than ever that after 11 years together, we do not have any holiday traditions that we cherish and look forward to each year.  Being self-employed means we are typically working or traveling up until the very last minute when we are then dashing off to catch a flight back east.  No cutting down trees, sipping hot chocolate, hosting holiday parties or stringing lights around the house.  After my annual, woe is me which shed a few tears, I decided things would be different this year.

We came home from a long 2 weeks of traveling and declared last week as home for the holidays.  We bought a cute little Christmas tree, hung up lights around the house, played Bing Crosby, drank a lot of eggnog and invited a few friends over for a Cioppino dinner.  While it was not the ho-ho-ho I still invasion hosting someday, it did cure the holiday blues a bit.

** serve this rich fish stew with warm crusty bread, a Caesar salad and lots of red  wine.





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