Vegan Apple Tart

Kind of funny to see a recipe for a Vegan Apple Tart over here isn’t it?  Especially since we are both the farthest thing from vegan.  I am going to start off by saying, don’t be afraid, this tart is amazing!  Oh, if you are gluten-free, it is just that.
Vegan Apple Tart | Chez Us

Vegan Apple Tart | Chez Us

You may know that we were recently re-calibrating our bodies over the past two weeks.  Now, this may seem like a funny statement, and I promise to write more about it, soon, but it was pretty awesome.  One thing we did miss a little over the course of this journey was a little something sweet, but we didn’t give in.  I did reward us by making this tart to celebrate making it two full weeks.  What I love about this tart is there is no sugar, no dairy and no wheat, and it is still delicious.  I love it so much that I am going to experiment with more sweet treats using the same principals.  You see after two weeks we really didn’t miss any of those things.

Vegan Apple Tart | Chez Us

Back to tarts.  This tart is so easy to make, and it really is special.  It was inspired by a recipe I found on Pinterest, which was developed by the Green Kitchen Stories.  While I am sure their version is lovely, I wanted to change things around.  I used fewer dates to sweeten the crust as my apples were so sweet, they didn’t really need anything else.  Verdict … damn delicious crust.  I didn’t use almond butter as I have been having a bit of a reaction to almond and peanut butters, so I made a vegan frangipane.  I mean tarts are meant to have frangipane smothered on them, aren’t I, right?  And it was so good, I was eating it by the spoonfuls.  The apples were heavenly with a mildly sweet glaze of maple syrup and fruity olive oil, and the three components together were bliss.  The perfect sweet bite to take you into fall.  Trust me, and do something good for your body today, make this vegan apple tart.

Happy Fall!

Vegan Apple Tart | Chez Us



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  1. I am so ridiculously intrigued by this tart, especially since we have an apple tree and a jar of coconut oil to use up. Will have to try this soon after making an indulgent caramel pumpkin pie for dessert tonight.

  2. Oh goodness, these tarts look fantastic :) can’t wait to make this recipe!

  3. I bake a lot, and my blog is proof of this, but I have been thinking a lot lately about this. Not that I want to abandon baking because I think that’s impossible, but I have been contemplating making a switch to more “wholesome”, less processed ingredients. This tart looks fabulous and it really is a testament that just because butter/white sugar/eggs are absent, doesn’t mean it’s not fantastic!
    Congrats on making it through a few weeks of “recalibrating”!

  4. Isn’t it amazing how brilliant vegan eating can be? I just love all the variations and new (to me) combinations of flavors. And it’s all so beautiful and good for you too. Like everything you do Denise, these are gorgeous!!

  5. so pretty!

  6. You know, I totally adore everything GKS does, but damn does your adaptation look incredible. Love the changes you made!

  7. Julia says:

    Oh wow these look amazing – I hadn’t tried this GKS recipe yet, these definitely make me want to try it now! Beautiful photography as well:)


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