It seems as Fall will be right on time this year as it has definitely been teasing us the past few days.  Nights are getting shorter, mornings are darker which is making it hard to get up early.  Leaves are crunching under our feet during our evening walks, and there is that crispness in the air that dances around us.  This recipe for Roasted Potato Garlic Soup with Parsley Olive Oil is the perfect meal to welcome our long lost friend back in our lives.

Roasted Potato Garlic Soup with Parsley Olive Oil | Chez Us

This recipe is another one that I have recently developed for Relish Magazine.  It was so much fun to make as potatoes are a favorite vegetable around our house.  Not only is this recipe welcoming for the cool months of Fall but it is good for us.  During the cooler months, we eat many bowls are soup around our house, and creamy ones are a favorite.  We just do not want the extra calories.  So I make creamy soups minus the dairy, and this is just another favorite.  This soup recipe has so much flavor as it is loaded with earthy russet potatoes, pancetta and lots of garlic.  I think you will really enjoy it all season long, and into winter.

Happy Fall.

Recipe:  Roasted Potato Garlic Soup with Parsley Olive Oil

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