Minced Chicken Mushrooms with Lettuce Cups

I kind of have a thing for fungi.  Lucky for us, as mushrooms are readily available in our neighborhood markets.  One of the things that I adore about mushrooms is how versatile an ingredient they are. They can be used in recipes from breakfast to dessert.  I often toss in meaty mushrooms to replace a portion of meat in recipes as well; they add great flavor and depth to a dish.  This recipe for minced chicken mushroom lettuce cups is no exception either.  It is a keeper!



I was thrilled to receive an email from Casey at Kitchen PLAY to join along in a Progressive Dinner Party with the Mushroom Council. I have done some recipe development with Kitchen PLAY before, and any opportunity involving mushrooms is a bonus.  The virtual dinner parties are always a great way to find new and exciting recipes to have on hand when inspiration is lacking.  The only rule was that I needed to create a recipe where I could Swap It or Top It; the premise being that mushrooms can be worked into any recipe.

As I mentioned before, mushrooms are a really versatile ingredient to have on hand.  I always have a few tucked away for last minute toppings for grilled meats, or vegetarian sauces for pasta, not to mention breakfast scrambles. Mushrooms are great for our waistlines as they are low in calories, fat and cholesterol-free, while providing nutrients our bodies need such as potassium, riboflavin and vitamin D.  One thing you want to remember when working with mushrooms is that they are like a sponge, and water is not their friend.  When cleaning your mushrooms be sure to use a soft brush or damp paper towel, to gently remove all traces of dirt.  Trust me there isn’t anything worse than  a waterlogged mushroom ruining your recipe.




This dish was inspired by two flavor palates: Asian and Mexican.  I like to think of it as fusion.  During the hot summer months, I prefer something light, refreshing and still easy on our waistlines.  I opted to use the white button mushroom as it is the most readily available throughout the US and I want everyone to be able to enjoy this recipe. The white button mushroom has a mild taste, which works well with the other ingredients in this recipe, and their flavor intensifies when cooked.  I made this recipe both ways using only mushrooms as my “meat”, and using ground chicken thigh along with the mushrooms.  Let me just say both versions are outstanding.  The flavors mingle like crazy with highlights from fresh ingredients such as lime zest, ginger, onions, garlic and Thai chilies.  The garnish is a cool (or silky) cilantro avocado cream that wraps all of the flavors together in this light and summery dinner recipe.


Minced Chicken Mushrooms with Lettuce Cups


Guess what?  You can join along in the Swap It or Top it event, to have a chance to win $5000.  All you need to do is recreate a favorite recipe using mushrooms.  Maybe top your favorite grilled meat with a zesty mushroom sauté or replace the burger with a hearty Portabella.  The choices are limitless, have fun with it, and be sure to enter your recipe at the Mushroom Channel Facebook page.


Swap It or Top It Poster-Preview

Ready for more? Join us tomorrow for a Twitter party to discuss all things mushroom! There’s a treasure hunt through all of the Swap It or Top It Kitchen PLAY posts, with mushroom growing kits for prizes. You can get all the details and register here.


Minced Chicken Mushrooms with Lettuce Cups


** This post is sponsored by The Mushroom Council via Kitchen Play.







  1. With chicken or without, I love all of the flavors here! See you at the twitter party!

  2. Mushroom lettuce cups are awesome! I want this for dinner!

  3. Oh goodness, this looks amazing! I am loving the flavors here :)

  4. I love Asian and Mexican flavors together! This is such a genius idea and sounds beyond delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

  5. Absolutely love this recipe- it’s perfect for summer!! Thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe idea…


  6. I love your little mushroom scrubber! I had to do a double take at that picture–I thought it was some weird variety of mushroom that I had never seen before :)

    This recipe looks really good. I just discovered that you can swap out half the meat for mushrooms, and really like how it comes out. I’ll have to try this dish!


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