Quick and Easy Festive Flatbread

Festive Flatbread is a quick and easy recipe that will please the pickiest eaters….

I wanted to share another recipe I recently developed for Old El Paso, it is for a Festive Flatbread.  This flatbread is loaded with spicy enchilada sauce, traditional re-fried beans and loads of fresh veggies such as yellow corn, spicy jalapeños, and slivers of red onion.  I really liked the play with the spicy enchilada sauce and crispy kernels of corn, very refreshing.

Festive Flatbread

This recipe for festive flatbread would make a great mid-week dinner when you are tired or in a hurry to just relax.  It is so easy, and quick to make, I had dinner on the table within 30 minutes.  Simply add a crisp salad alongside to make a complete meal.








  1. Looks great … always love these kind of recipes for entertaining!

  2. Yum! I love a good flatbread and the corn is perfect! We put corn on our tacos and burritos and even in my chili. I’ll have to make these soon.

  3. Oh goodness, this is perfect. I love corn, avocado, all of it! This just looks delicious.

  4. Love the bright colors! So fresh!

  5. I am diggin your flatbreads ; )

  6. A great idea! Fresh, delicious and colorful.



  7. I love flatbread, and this looks perfect!

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