Meatless Monday | Zucchini Mascarpone Cheese Flatbread

I have a feeling this recipe for Zucchini Mascarpone Cheese Flatbread is going to become a regular habit at Chez Us….

Have you noticed a huge increase of vegetable inspired dishes lately?  We have been trying to eat more of a vegetarian diet, which I find kind of challenging.  The reasoning is that most vegetarian recipes seem to have the addition of pasta and/or cheese added to them.  That becomes challenging as we are also trying to cut back on dairy, or at least Lenny is trying to.  For instance, this recipe for Zucchini Mascarpone Cheese Flatbread was tried out few times, with and without the creamy cheese.  Both ways were great, but the cheese-less version was rather boring.  YAWN.  Lucky for you (and for us) I had a little left over mascarpone cheese, and I added it to the recipe.  WOWZA!


Flatbread with Zucchini and Mascarpone Cheese


One staple that can always be found in our freezer is homemade pizza dough.  Not enough to feed a family, just enough for a light lunch or dinner, or maybe an appetizer.  It is definitely a good item to have on hand, when you are milling around in the morning and wondering what you can make.  Grab it out of the freezer, and by the time you are ready to cook, the dough it ready for you.

When I was making this recipe for Zucchini Mascarpone Cheese Flatbread, Lenny wanted to know what the difference was between pizza and flatbread.  I didn’t know the answer (and I still don’t) so I said … this is just flatbread!  When I make “flatbread” I like to roll it into a thin rectangle as to not confuse it with a pizza.  I lightly precook it on an indoor grill pan before topping with the goodness.  I really enjoy biting into the slightly charred grilled marks, and it adds a lovely smokey taste.  Then I smear the baked flatbread with the mascarpone cheese, and using a vegetable peeler I add ribbons of fresh zucchini.  Just before baking I sprinkle the top with smoked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.  Simple dinner for Meatless Monday, just add a crisp green salad to go along with it, and it will make a complete meal.

Try out some of these other great zucchini flatbreads:


Flatbread with Zucchini and Mascarpone Cheese







  1. #1. Post Easter candy coma. Bring on the veggies!
    #2. My husband INSISTS that any “pizza” without tomato sauce is not a “real” pizza and therefore must be called a flatbread. I say, he can call it whatever he wants, as long as he eats it!
    #3. Agree. Pizza dough ready in freezer = necessity. Kind of like milk. Or bourbon

    Looks awesome!

  2. Just gorgeous! I love the inclusion of mascarpone… you really can’t go wrong.

  3. I love marscapone :) this looks so amazing!

  4. kasiac says:

    pizza dough in a freezer is a good thing!
    Flatbrerad covered with green ribbons and mascarpone cheese looks just great!

  5. We’re watching our saturated fat, too, and I find that my homemade plain Greek yogurt is a good substitute for all sorts of fatty things, like sour cream, cream cheese, ricotta, mayo, etc. It doesn’t always work, but for many uses it’s a good substitute. I make it with nonfat milk, but after draining, it tastes rich and creamy (I use the whey when baking bread); my partner is a diabetic and 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt topped with a spoonful of homemade low-sugar preserves is a delicious, healthy, high-protein snack for him.

  6. Greek yogurt would be a great item to use. I always seem to forget about using it beyond breakfast. Thanks for the reminder, will try it next time.

  7. Completely agree – you can make so many great things with a little defrosted pizza dough. Do you have a favorite pizza that you like to make?

  8. Isn’t marscapone the best – I like it from a spoon as well!!!

  9. Agreed, life is just better with mascarpone!

  10. I would have to say I agree with #3 completely!!

  11. What a wonderful weeknight meal and homage to spring. I’ve often wondered also about the difference between flatbread and pizza, so your description and assemblage of the dough in a different shape makes sense.

  12. Thta looks extremely delicious! I love that topping.



  13. This is beautiful. I never knew the difference either. Sounds like pizza sans sauce. I love the combination of flavors though, sauce or no sauce.


  1. […] tiramisu recipe.  I use mascarpone cheese for both sweet and savory recipes.  It can take a pizza or flatbread from good to outrageous.  As well it is great in a base for homemade ice cream or lightly […]

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