Ole El Paso Breakfast Quesadilla

 Old El Paso Breakfast Quesadilla

I was recently hired to develop and photograph some recipes for Old El Paso, and I am excited to share the first one with you.

One would think that when you work at home, breakfast would not be a tough decision.  I have news for you, it is.  Even though my office is about 100+ steps away from the kitchen, I still struggle with the first meal of the day.  And, I blame it on time.  These breakfast quesadillas have solved my dilemma.  They are loaded with Old El Paso Traditional Refried Beans, scrambled eggs, cheese and avocado.  It is quick to make, and easy to eat on your way out the door or as in my case running up the stairs!







  1. So much goodness in here!! Yum!

  2. How fun! Congrats on the gig. This breakfast quesadilla looks scrumptious (and perfect for curing a hangover).

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