Lenny Ferreira of Chez Us


Long story being condensed to a very ….. short version.  Three years ago, after I kept yapping about how easy it was to make a soufflé, Lenny decided to give it a try.  It flopped.  Here is the proof.



Fast forward time.   We had the chance to do a live cooking demo for a very sinful Valentine’s Day with Google and the Google+ food community.  Lenny decided he wanted to show the world how easy it is to make a sexy and sultry chocolate soufflé for your Valentine!  What fun we had, and fun we couldn’t have had without our wonderful peanut gallery!!  Thank you ladies, you really rock it!

You still have time to get all of the ingredients – why not make this together.  Imagine the romantic fun (and giggles) you would have!






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