Sour Cherry Walnut Scones

We are heading back East for a few days to be part of the MIXED Conference.  It has been awhile since we have attended a food blogging event and we cannot wait to put voices with faces.  This time we will be more involved then only as attendees, we will be talking about video production for blogging.  Lenny is extremely thrilled to be sharing a passion of his to 110 hungry food bloggers so that they can start adding video to their sites.  After years of preaching this to clients, this is the next best thing to blogging, and now sponsors are asking for it.  They want more then content and pretty pictures.  Video is it!

Years of flying has taught me one thing;  airport food stinks.  Since we had an early morning flight, I knew we would get a little hungry, so I decided to bake some scones for the flight.  Definitely the last thing I needed to add to my to-do list, but I knew they would be better then the ones we would have to pay $4.50 (each) for at the airport.  That is the price of good butter at the market!

Sour Cherry Walnut Scones

I changed my go to scone recipe by using walnuts, cardamom and cherries.  I have been loving the dried sour cherries I have recently found in the bulk section.  Definitely a splurge, but, so worth it.   Cardamom and sour cherries go extremely well together;  tart but warming.  The addition of walnuts adds some omega 3s as well as great texture.  I toasted them before mixing into the scone dough as I find this takes the bitterness out, which tends to bother me a bit with walnuts.

Besides being a great treat to take on the plane, I think these scones would be wonderful served on Christmas morning.  I would dress them up a bit with a warm orange glaze;  otherwise, they would be just perfect.

If you are heading to MIXED;  we look forward to meeting you soon!

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Sour Cherry Walnut Scones
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