What kid isn’t going to love it when you present a serving dish full of Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes for dinner?  OMG, this is one of the funnest recipes we have created in a long time, and not only did we try it out on some kids but we also tried it out on some adults.  Verdict?  Everyone loved it!

By no means am I saying I am the authority on feeding children, since I am not a parent.  I did nanny in a previous life, and one of the toughest challenges was getting the little ones to enjoy a healthy meal.  I found if I made the food fun, or involved them, they were more likely to devour it.  I mean who doesn’t love a big bowl of monster brains every so often?



The clan over at the Back Burner is gearing up for Thanksgiving.  From the looks of it, all of us cannot wait to eat, or should I say gobble!  This week we are discussing kid-friendly meals for Thanksgiving.  Afterall, the little ones can be the toughest crowd to feed.  After seeing a few versions of meat based cupcakes floating around the blog world, I decided to tackle the task.  I wanted to create a healthy but fun meal for the little ones.  I do have to say, the big kid in my life LOVED this recipe.



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