Beer Braised Beef Short Ribs

We are working hard over at Chez Us with updating the site.  It is hard to focus on back-end things like this when all you want to do is develop new recipes such as these outrageous beer braised beef short ribs.  Pure comfort food.

Beer Braised Beef Short Ribs

You may or may not know that I (Denise) have been doing some recipe development for a few fine folks.  One of them being Key Ingredient.  Four times a month I share meaty, delicious recipes that have been developed in our kitchen and devoured at our table on the Back Burner.  One of the things I love about working with the KI team is that we have an editorial calendar with very creative themes.  Every week changes and sometimes it is challenging, when one is working with meat.  Beginning now, I am going to announce every Monday, what you can expect to find over at the Back Burner.

This week The Back Burner is taking about American Beer, little did I know there was even such an event.  Nevertheless, it gave me the opportunity to play around with a new to me local beer Black Diamond, which I used in this rib recipe.  The beer was dark and malty and aged in brandy barrels.   The ribs were OUTRAGEOUS!!







  1. Janet says:

    Where is the recipe for the ribs? They look awesome!

  2. Janet – the recipe will be posted on Tuesday. They are amazing …

  3. OK, I just printed out the short ribs recipe. Anything that sits in the oven for 3 hours has to be good, and they actually look quite easy!

  4. this looks delish!!! staying tuned for your recipe too!

  5. Hi, the recipe is there. Just click on the link recipe. :) Enjoy!


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