Lenny is traveling this week.  I have a busy week of work that will keep me occupied.  And I have a full weekend planned.  Brunch with some ladies who I admire;  tremendously.  Checking out the abandoned train station near our home;  I cannot wait.  A special night with MEM, complete with pizza, movies projected on the wall and a sleep-over.  YEAH!  Making chocolate chip waffles in the morning.  Getting a long over-due mani and pedi.  A bubble bath and maybe a glass of bubbles.

Even though I get some “me time” when he travels, I miss having my best buddy, my partner and my lover around.  I miss looking over from this key board and seeing him at his desk.  I miss teasing him about not putting the dishes in the dishwasher.  I miss middle of the day hugs, just because.  I miss him making me laugh … all the time.  I miss him sticking his arm out during the night to keep me on my side of the bed.  I miss lazy weekend mornings laying in bed drinking coffee until 10.  Most of all, I just miss him being here, with me.  The house isn’t as warm and it is too quite.

Dinner for one.  Solitude.  Time to read while eating.  And it can be delicious.  I found some very pretty cockles (pretty little clams) at the market the other day.  I grabbed some leeks (he hates them) and fennel (we both love it).  Came home and put Angus and Julia Stone on (my newest music obsession) and poured a glass of wine Burgundy.  And made this for dinner.  Lovely.  Simple.  Perfect for one or even two.

Happy Sunday.


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