Smoky Cantaloupe Lime Cocktails

Getting quick and dirty here with a short but sweet post.  It is Labor Day weekend in the US, which could mean a few things.  1) You are planning some pretty serious cook-outs at your home;  2)  You are a burner and are heading to the desert for a weekend of daubachy;  3)  You just want to get the heck out of town and are hitting the road to anywhere but here;  4)  You are sticking around and taking advantage of no-one being in your city and you can get a table at your favorite restaurant without reservations.

Us … we will be working part of the weekend.  BOO.  HISS.  BOO.  After that we will be taking advantage of number 4.

If, you are celebrating Labor Day weekend, be safe and have fun.  If, you are one of our out of the USA readers, stay tuned for some new recipes in September.  In the meantime, here is a refreshing cocktail.  Remember that delicious Cantaloupe Lime Agua Fresca we shared last week?  Well, we turned the leftovers into a killer adult bevie.  The obvious was to add tequila or rum;  but, why be obvious.  Instead we used Mezcal.  We LOVE Mezcal.  Smooth on your taste-buds with an added smokey depth.  What are you waiting for?









  1. Oh mezcal… you are the end of me. But I love you. Really, I do.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your downtown this weekend! just got home last night and so very grateful for a day to recoup from our burn :) ps that cocktail sounds divine!


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