Being in Northern California we feel blessed as summer’s bounty is still abound in our area.  We have been enjoying late summer peaches, plums of all sorts, sweet and spicy peppers and tomatoes.  Very lucky.

The past couple weeks I have been knee-deep in crisps, from sweet to savory.  It has become my go-to dessert when company comes over as well I have been playing with savory versions.  After all, why can’t a crisp be, well, savory? I like a crisp that showcases the true flavor of the “star” of the dish.  I do not like them over sweet nor do I like them to have added extras such as triple bacon onion jam.  Just simple fresh fruit with a nice crisp topping.

Tomatoes have been absolutely gorgeous this year, and the flavors have been explosive.  What little time has found us around of dining table, there have usually be some sort of tomato dish on it.  Heirlooms are always a favorite with just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh herbs.  Romas are great chopped up with a garlic, olive oil and tossed with pasta.

Then there is the strawberry tomato, which I have recently discovered, it is bit smaller then a Roma and bigger then a cherry.  The flavor is outstanding.  I love them simply roasted as a snack or easy appetizer.  The past couple weeks I have been playing with them for a new recipe, the savory crisp.  When I first started working on this recipe, I used only cherry tomatoes, which really made the dish gorgeous with all the different colors.  Unfortunately, cherry tomatoes can be a bit acidic as well they tend to really loosen up when roasted or baked, which makes for a “runny” crisp.  For this recipe, I roasted an abundance of strawberry tomatoes and only added a handful of cherry for a little moisture as well as color.  I tried added extras like caramelized onions and shallots, as well as basil and balsamic.  Just didn’t work.  The tomatoes are so rich with flavor, that the only thing needed was a little fresh oregano and salt.  Since we are all about texture rich food, I added toasted pine-nuts and salty Parmesan cheese, which both compliment rich tomato based dishes.

This crisp is really lovely served on it’s own as a vegetarian dish, as well it makes a great side dish as it compliments roasted meats and fish.  We tried it out on some friends over the weekend and served it with grilled sausages;  the crisp was gone before the meaty sausages!

Have you ever made a savory crisp?  What was the star ingredient?  





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