I have been busy working on another freelance photography job for Lindsay Olives.  I cannot complain, as it has been a wonderful opportunity as well it has been great fun.  Did I mention how delicious the recipes have been.  I think of it as work with fringe benefits.  It did take a while to get this one just right, as I am a perfectionist and redid this particular shoot a few times.  I wanted to get the right mood and I finally nailed it last week.

The recipe I was working on for them was a grilled bleu pizza, which is  loaded with Lindsay Greek Kalamata Olives as well as an abundance of Shiitakes and blue cheese.  This recipe is very complex with flavors, from the earthiness of the mushrooms to the tangy cheese, the Kalamata olives really tied the recipe together.  I loved the deep purple color of the kalamata olives and the slightly salty taste, like the Mediterranean sea kissing your lips.  I wanted the mood of the photos to reflect how sultry the  actual recipe ended up being.

We are huge fans of the grilled pizza.  Grilling pizza is a great way to take the heat out of the kitchen for the evening during hot summer months.  Don’t be afraid to try your hand at it as it is really easy, and very fun.  I love how the pizza picks up a nice smoked flavor from the grill, it is like going to the best wood-burned pizzeria.

To make your meatless dinner complete serve this recipe with a simply dressed salad.  There is so much flavor in the pizza that a bowl of greens with a squeeze of fresh lemon and olive oil, is all you really need.  Buon Appetito!


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