What is everyone up to for the Fourth of July?  Are you entertaining?  Making a big feast?  We will be out of town, celebrating the wedding of client, turned good friend.  We are really looking forward to being away for a couple days to unwind and have some fun.  Something that we are looking forward to is the small town parade that we heard will take place on the 4th.  Should be a blast.  If, we were staying in town, we’d most likely have friends over for a BBQ, with a menu rich in ribs and this patriotic potato salad.  This is the first year, in a long time, that we may have actually been able to see fireworks from our new home.  Usually it is foggy in San Francisco, which does not make for romantic firework displays.



I would definitely serve this easy and healthy potato salad.  We have been enjoying it on and off for a couple weeks and love how flavorful it is.  Did I mention, it is healthy.  No dairy, at all, making it low-cholesterol.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t skimp on flavor.  And, it is really fun to use different colored baby potatoes, to make it “patriotic”.  Okay, okay, not blue potatoes;  but, pretty darn close.  The green beans add a nice crunch to make it a bit more interesting!

Like fried chicken with your potato salad?  Our recipe is being featured over at The Back Burner today.  Crispy, crunch and full of spicy flavor.  Did I mention, it is ultra moist, too!  Perfect for a Fourth of July celebration.





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