Summer time and birthday parties seem to go hand-in-hand.  I am not a mom, but have had tons of experience with kids, as I use to take care of MEM full time.  I have lots of experience with diapers, skinned knees, sick tummies, making up exciting play games, giving hugs, and getting creative in the kitchen.  This recipe for lollipop chicken with candy glaze was always a home run.



Getting creative with meal times, meant anything from snowflake tortillas, to black bean bettle bugs, ham circles, hot-dog mummies complete with drops of blood, or maybe a big bowl of monkey brains.  I, always wanted the meal to be kid-friendly (fingers), easy to make (not to interrupt play time) and healthy (lots of fruit and veggies served alongside).  I never had a chance to serve MEM Lollipop Chicken;  but, am positive it would have been a hit.

I simply took chicken legs and made them into lollipops, then glazed them with a tart and buttery glaze, that I added sesame seeds too (for added crunch).  I served the lollipop chicken with extra candy sauce, and big bowls of cherry tomatoes.  My little samplers (and the big ones) loved this fun twist to the usual candy chicken.  Would make for a great snack not only during parties, but also you summer BBQs when little ones are joining their parents.  Who doesn’t like lollipops, after all?

**inspired by my friend Evelyn and her Candy Chicken Recipe







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