Golden Brioche

We are not big sliced bread eaters.  Though you will definitely find many baguettes making their way into our kitchen.  The reason we aren’t into sliced bread, is because, we haven’t found any that really makes us want to eat a whole loaf.  Bread should be like sex;  you want more and more!

Recently, Lenny was listening to NPR, when Dorie Greenspan came on.  He anxiously called in, to chat with Ms. Greenspan about my obsession with Tuesdays with Dorie, and how he had to put a stop to it because he has no self control.  Dorie sounds just as adorable as I imagine her in person.  It was great fun listening to them chit chat;  I was a bit envious!  After, that conversation, I suddenly had the bug to bake.  It has been forever since I participated with TWD, and since I have been given the big boot out of the club, I bake on my own these days.

We had some delicious homemade nutella laying around the house, and I knew that the only thing that would go perfectly with it was hot out of the oven brioche.  I turned to my trusted baking book  and flipped through all the sweetness until I found what I was hungry for.  I, love Dorie’s recipes, as they are always right on.  If, the recipe says it will take 2 days, it will take two days.  If, it says it will feed 6 people, it will feed 6 people.  You will always hear me preach about how this is the one basic baking book every one should own.  It’s true.

Back to the brioche.  This is a great recipe.  The dough is silky and buttery.  The crumb is perfect;  not to lose nor too tight.  The flavor is slightly yeasty and not overly sweet;  perfect for sandwiches.  Dorie’s recipe makes 2 large loaves.  I decided to use the adorable brioche pans I brought back from Paris.  The recipe made a dozen mini brioche and two small loaves.  The amount was perfect as the minis barely lasted two days, and the loaf was nearly gone by the third day.  Lucky, for us, I was able to sneak a loaf into the freezer before someone gobbled it up.  For the record, that someone was not me.  The only other change I made to the recipe;  I added a healthy dose of fresh blood orange zest and a sprinkling of lemon sugar (only on the minis).  You can only imagine how wonderful the bread smelled while baking.  Can’t you?  The citrus undertones went really nicely with the Nutella.  I can say with certainty this will become our new “sliced” bread over at Chez Us.  Perfect toasted and perfect on its own.



  1. Oh I’ve been eyeing Dorie’s book for a while and checked it out at the library recently, will def. put it on my wishlist now. How cool that Lenny chatted with her! Your brioche looks wonderful, and so does the Nutella. Yum.

  2. ” Bread should be like sex; you want more and more!” hysterical! Exactly how I feel about baguettes though…
    These brioche loaves look fantastic! I love Dorie Greenspan and pretty much all of her cookbooks, I would be envious of him too if I were you (for the record, I listened and do remember hearing that, haha) :)


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