Blueberry Meyer Lemon Scones

Confession – we sucked at our yearly cleanse this year.  We started strong;  then we crumbled.  It started with a little glass of wine, then meat, then baking!  We became addicted to these cranberry scones.  That is the problem with keeping packets of frozen cranberries in the freezer;  it is kind of like the devil lurking over your shoulder.

Then I spied fresh blueberries at the market.  Reasonably priced even.  I bought a few packets.  We juiced them.  We kept them in bowls around the house.  They were like nature’s candy.

Then I took a walk through our new little compound and spied not one, but seven neglected Meyer lemon trees.  I came home, grabbed a shopping bag and journeyed back to those neglected trees.  I came home with so many lemons, that I was not sure what to do (first).

Then Maggie sent us a care package.  Hmmm …. Lemon Sugar!  There was only one thing that popped into my mind;  scones.  So there you have it, our cleanse flew out the door just as quickly as that Lemon sugar flew in.  I started baking, not one, but batches of scones.

Blueberries, Meyer lemons and sugar are like the perfect ménage à trois.  Blueberries create little pools of jammy fruit when baked.  The sweet, sugary dough cradles each burst of fruit, pefectly.  Meyer lemons add a heavenly scent to the baking sugar.  Flaky but not dry.  Moist but not soggy.  Perfect!

What are you waiting for?  You know you want a little spring time in your kitchen, and this is the perfect recipe.

*notes:  I have not used frozen fruit;  but, if I did I would drain them in a colander, very well, before mixing with the flour





  1. These photos make me wish it was the weekend so I can have a relaxing morning baking. :)

  2. These look heavenly, how could they not when combining blueberries and lemons?! Looks like the perfect scone to usher in an early spring perhaps (oh how I wish!) :)


  4. Wow, I don’t typically like scones, but those blueberries are tempting me! We are also food bloggers from the Bay Area and have been noticing the unseasonal plethora of berries at the markets!

  5. We are also from the Bay Area and have been noticing the unseasonal plethora of blueberries at the market! I don’t usually like scones, but these blueberries are tempting me!

  6. modernworkinggirl says:

    My favourite part is the lemon sugar on top :)

  7. Oh I would do ANYTHING to have meyer lemon trees! Your scones look scrumptious…

  8. I commend you for even trying a cleanse! My daughter keeps telling me that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, but I just can’t go with that. Especially not after seeing how sinfully delicious your scones look.

  9. Oh lemon trees! Sigh (I don’t think those exist in Seattle). These look wonderful, and I love that you use Irish butter in them (the best!) You probably already know this but Trader Joe’s is cheapest place I know of for Kerry Gold. Also: I eternally suck at cleanses. It’s always the coffee that kills me. Every time. Miss you and hope you’re having a great week!

  10. In LOVE with that 2nd shot of the blueberries. The light in your new place is beautiful. I could totally go for these scones right now, after midnight…

  11. Kay N. says:

    My local Walmart has little sacks of Meyer Lemons this year (southern Illinois). YEA!!

  12. We hope that means you picked some up and are enjoying muffins this weekend. ~ Denise & Lenny

  13. These look wonderful! Any tips on making your own lemon sugar?


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