Confession – we sucked at our yearly cleanse this year.  We started strong;  then we crumbled.  It started with a little glass of wine, then meat, then baking!  We became addicted to these cranberry scones.  That is the problem with keeping packets of frozen cranberries in the freezer;  it is kind of like the devil lurking over your shoulder.

Then I spied fresh blueberries at the market.  Reasonably priced even.  I bought a few packets.  We juiced them.  We kept them in bowls around the house.  They were like nature’s candy.

Then I took a walk through our new little compound and spied not one, but seven neglected Meyer lemon trees.  I came home, grabbed a shopping bag and journeyed back to those neglected trees.  I came home with so many lemons, that I was not sure what to do (first).

Then Maggie sent us a care package.  Hmmm …. Lemon Sugar!  There was only one thing that popped into my mind;  scones.  So there you have it, our cleanse flew out the door just as quickly as that Lemon sugar flew in.  I started baking, not one, but batches of scones.

Blueberries, Meyer lemons and sugar are like the perfect ménage à trois.  Blueberries create little pools of jammy fruit when baked.  The sweet, sugary dough cradles each burst of fruit, pefectly.  Meyer lemons add a heavenly scent to the baking sugar.  Flaky but not dry.  Moist but not soggy.  Perfect!

What are you waiting for?  You know you want a little spring time in your kitchen, and this is the perfect recipe.

*notes:  I have not used frozen fruit;  but, if I did I would drain them in a colander, very well, before mixing with the flour




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