Shake and Bake Coconut Chili Pork Chops

I had such a great time developing a recipe for Lindsay Olives for this month’s Kitchen PLAY event, that I decided to participate, as well.  It really is fun, innovating and kind of reminds me of a Chopped Episode!

The National Pork Board conducted a survey to find out the trends with pork and holiday recipes. The good news; folks are enjoying pork from brunch to small bites.  Pork is no longer meant only for dinner.  After the survey was over, along with Kitchen PLay, they challenged 6 food bloggers to develop recipes using pork in different recipe categories.  One particular recipe really caught my eye, and that was for the category Flavor Flashbacks.

I loved how Julie of Mommie Cooks took a classic Shake N Bake concept and made it her own.  The twist?  She used coconut milk, Dijon mustard and lime to enhance the flavors of the creamy pork before breading them with seasoned panko and she served the dish with coconut milk infused rice and steamed broccoli.  Very nostalgic of many meals that I ate in the 70′s and 80s.

I took a different approach when incorporating coconut into my Shake N Bake recipe.  I decided to use unsweetened coconut flakes, in addition to the panko for, the dry mix.  As well I heavily seasoned (because we like spice) the dry mix with fresh ginger, lime zest and diced Fresno chilies.  Before coating, the boneless pork loin chops, I submerged them into a bath made of creamy coconut milk and egg, to give it a little more binding.  I felt there was enough coconut in the recipe, so I opted not to use coconut oil for browning the chops.  The chops smelled so exotic while baking;  caramelized pork fat, mixed with sweet coconut milk, and spicy ginger and chilies.  Since we are on the fast track to eating healthier this year, I served the pork chops with quinoa and kale that was lightly sauteed with fresh garlic.  Overall?  This recipe is amazing!!

I am thrilled that I found Julie’s recipe, as it was a gentle reminder of an old time favorite as a kid;  now I have a recipe that is a bit more adult, and a little healthier.  Let us know what you think of it.

*  The recommended temperature for pork loin chops is 145 degrees;  I like to remove the meat before it reaches that temperature as it will continue cooking while resting for 10 minutes.  As well a good cut of pork is perfect when served a slight shade of pink.  This guideline is perfect for referencing cooking times for pork.






  1. the pork chops look fantastic and as you said it sounds quite exotic with coconut, it’s a bit different but it’s I bet it was truly delicious

  2. modernworkinggirl says:

    Yumm. The kale looks really dark! Soy sauce?

  3. It is a dark purple kale. Lightly sauteed with a little tea seed oil and garlic slivers, and sprinkled with maldon salt. Simple.

  4. Do try out the recipe, the coconut is very subtle. Gives a nice crunch to the recipe.

  5. I, (ahem), happen to LOVE Shake ‘n Bake, and usually will confess to buying it “because my kids love it”. Dressing it up with the coconut sounds fantastic, I will be sure to try this! Thanks Denise!

  6. I’ve actually never had the original Shake n Bake (I lived a deprived childhood), but I’m so going to make your modern version. The coconut flakes are brilliant!

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