Flourless Chocolate Tart with Sugared Cranberries

I have a few things to share before 2011;  just not sure which one to share first.  Then I remembered this sinful dessert we served a couple weeks ago.  I just had to let the cat out of the bag, as you will definitely want to include it with your New Years Eve dinner menu.  It is insane!

Flourless chocolate cake is always my go-to dessert when we have a dinner party for couple reasons:  1) all ingredients are staples in your house, 2) gluten-free so all guests are covered; and 3) easy to make.  Usually when I make one I play with the ingredients, by changing chocolates, flavors, and amounts of ingredients.  I have to say this version is IT!  I will no longer be playing with the recipe.  In our opinions it came out perfect.  Dense.  Rich.  Sinful.  Just the way dessert should be.

I wanted to lighten the chocolate a little so I served brown sugared creme fraiche and candied cranberries along side. Candied cranberries are really wonderful.  Slightly tart, slightly sweet.  You will need to start the candied cranberries a couple hours before serving, but the process is well worth the effort.  If you do not have fresh cranberries, feel free to serve without or with another fruit you like.

Recipe:  Candied Cranberries



  1. Lovely, Denise! Happy New Year to you and Lenny. All the best in 2012!

  2. I love the presentation, the craberries on top make the cake look even better it sounds delicious!

  3. Ohohoh this looks and sounds fantastic Denise, chocolate love! Happy New Year too!

  4. oh! I was wondering how>?

    so simple :) thank u and wishing u a gorgeous new year :)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  5. Beth Law says:

    HI Denise! I’m so excited to see this recipe as I went gluten free a few months ago. Let’s do dinner soon and have this cake as a sweet ending. Happy New Year to you and Lenny! Wishing you much happiness and delicious recipes in 2012!

  6. HI Beth,

    Did not know you went gluten free – for personal or health reasons. We have a few really great recipes over here that are gluten free – for instance this soup is really great, and the kids will love it. http://chezus.com/2010/12/02/chicken-noodle-soup-gluten-free/

    Hope to see y’all soon.

    Denise & Lenny

  7. Amazing cake. Love the combination with the Cranberries.


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