Bergamot Vanilla Bean Marmalade


The other day I stumbled upon fresh bergamot.  I am a sucker for these gems, mainly because their scent is intoxicating!  They really are not like any other citrus;  tangy, and tart, with warm hits of spice.  As soon as you slice one open, the aroma wraps around you, like an old friend.

I brought 4 of them home, and let their perfumes take over the kitchen for a good week.  It wasn’t until they were almost too ripe, that I decided to do something with them.  I had all sorts of ideas from cocktails to curds, but then I decided on marmalade.  I love slowly simmered pots of citrus, and sugar, taking over the kitchen.  Warms the space, and puts me at ease.

You will want to use a bread knife to get the slices very thin.  First I quartered the fruit, and then sliced each quarter as thin as I could.  Be careful not to cut yourself.  I wanted to keep the color of the fruit, so I decided to blanch thin slices before slowly cooking with sugar.  After blanching, and letting the fruit dry a bit, I slowly cooked with sugar and water.  You don’t need pectin as the natural sugars of the fruit and the sugar, will thicken the marmalade.  The finished marmalade is really lovely on it’s own, but the flavor was intensified with the warmth of sweet vanilla bean paste.

Not only is this special marmalade for yourself, but it would also ovely gift from someone sweet in your life.



  1. Oh, Denise, this sounds wonderful. I’ve never seen fresh bergamot down here, but it must be available somewhere. I would like to slather this on toast with ricotta. (Actually, I like to slather everything on toast with ricotta, but this would be especially good.)

  2. I love the combination, it sounds so good!

  3. “I love slowly simmered pots of citrus, and sugar, taking over the kitchen. Warms the space, and puts me at ease”

    I’ve been picking berries down here (it’s the start of our summer) and I’ve been making a few jams over the past week…..your sentence resonated so well. It makes me feel happy to know I’ve caught spring and summer in a jar, like a kid catching tadpoles in a creek. That’s not a bad idea actually…….the tadpoles will grow into frogs…..frogs are tasty….hmmmm I might be onto something ;-)

    Wish I could taste your marmalade!


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