A bit of news is cooking over at the Chez Us kitchen.  I am very excited to tell you that I am doing some meaty recipe development for the Key Ingredients‘s Back Burner.  Every Tuesday I will bring a new meat-lovers dish to your kitchen.  If meat is not enough to keep you full, Monday – Friday, the Back Burner will be feeding you with recipes contributed by more delicious home-chefs:

  • Monday: Lauren, Healthy Food for Living, will be covering light lunch recipes–soups, salads, and sandwiches.
  • Wednesday: Kathy, Busy Vegan, is about eating vegan on the go and she will be giving us veggie-oriented/healthy recipes.
  • Thursday: Grace, A Southern Grace, We’d like her to be the voice for things sweet and baked.
  • Friday: Greg, Sippity Sup, will be specializing in cocktails and drinks

The theme this week is all about Halloween food for Kids.  I wanted to start your night of trick and treating by filling up your little ones with a healthy meal of Bloody Eye Balls with a Side of Worms and a bowl of Monster Brains.  Now, I don’t have children;  but, after 10 years of taking care of MEM, I stand firm on the fact, if you make a meal fun, they are more likely to eat it.  I use to tease MEM that we were going to eat a side of Monkey Brains or Lizard Lips for lunch;  they would giggle with delight and ask for more.

Our recipe for Monster Brains is roasted cauliflower .  We are big fans of roasting our vegetables, and especially fall/winter ones.  Roasting adds a nice depth to the flavor and a bit of gooey caramelization to the vegetables as it brings out their natural sugars.  I decided to use cauliflower because of the bumpy surface, which is similar to our brains.  The addition of garlic and Parmesan add a little more flavor to an otherwise bland vegetable.  This recipe is the perfect companion for a dish of Bloody Eyeballs and Worms, and is sure to make your little ones squeal with delight.


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