One of the nice things about living in the Bay Area, or more to the point, San Francisco is the unpredictable seasons.  Just when we thought fall danced by us and winter was throwing their cold shoulder our way …. summer appeared.  Glorious blue skies and tank top weather was suddenly all around us.  Another thing you have to love about days like this is that everyone decides to get naked. Literally.  People start shredding their clothing like no ones business.  People sunbathing naked at Dolores Park.  Girls wearing that boob-a-licious dress to the office.  Lenny states with a smile ear to ear “have to love summer in the city”.   I have to admit, I am not innocent when it comes to gawking a bit;  I have seen some pretty nice hipster abs whizzing by me on their bikes.

Another bonus of this unpredictable weather is that this glorious sunshine brought late season figs back to the market.  I happened to snag a few over the weekend and decided to make this savory tart for a little lunch time soiree.  I love this recipe as it is simple to make and yummy to eat.

I have made this savory tart using tart dough as well as store bought puff pastry;  both ways come out perfectly.  Using dough will give your tart a bit more depth while the pastry will create an airy texture.  The base of the tart is blue cheese, fresh thyme and succulent figs.  While the tart bakes, your ingredients melt, burst and brown to create the perfect le mariage à trois.  All you need to complete this afternoon delight a sultry love to share it with and a lovely glass of rosé.

Recipe:  Fig and Blue Cheese Tart
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