Homemade Cornmeal Griddle Pancake Mix

A couple years ago we went camping with another couple.  We were sharing cooking responsibilities for the weekend to make it easier for everyone.  We offered to make Sunday breakfast, and were excited about the menu:  buttermilk blueberry pancakes, bacon, warm buttery maple syrup and piping hot coffee.  You have no idea how excited we were about this meal, it was sure to “wow” everyone not to mention filling our bellies with hot breakfast grub.

Sleepy eyed, the next morning, we went to the car to get the bag of ingredients to start cooking.  We had been talking about this meal the night before, and everyone was hungry.  We could barely wait to start cooking as well as eating.  It was odd as I reached for the hatch at the back of the car;  it was slightly un-done.  Who got into the car late at night?   As I put my hand into the bag, grabbing around for the mix, something did not feel right.  Where was the mix? Did we really drink that much wine the night before that we did not remember where the breakfast goods went?  Crap!  Slowly as I looked down at the ground, I saw a trail of pancake mix going into the woods ……..  Breakfast was not going to be happening as someone/something had already eaten breakfast.

When preparing for a recent camping trip it was decided that we would try to recreate this special breakfast but for two.  Instead of buying a prepared package of pancake mix, I wanted to make our own.  Our friend Evelyn makes amazing cornmeal pancakes. No, I mean amazing as in REALLY OMG Amazing.  Dollar sized, texture rich pancakes smothered in butter and maple syrup. They have become a camping staple for us.  Served with crispy, smokey bacon and hot bourbon syrup, they make the perfect camping companion.  I changed around her recipe and came up with a great cornmeal pancake mix that is easy to transport and easy to use.  I mix the dry ingredients in a large mason jar and keep it on hand for when we decide we want a little breakfast treat or if we are going camping I add the jar to our camping gear.  Easy to mix up with the addition of a little milk, an egg and some melted butter. We like to serve the pancakes with fresh blueberries and hot bourbon maple syrup.

Now you can stop buying that pre-made pancake mix and whip up a batch of this delicious mix to have on hand.  It is simple to do, lighter on your wallet and delicious to eat.







  1. I use cornmeal for baking and making Indian flat breads..but the idea to make pancakes never struck…these look gorgeous!

  2. Must make these this weekend!

  3. Can’t wait to make this with stoneground cornmeal (ran out of medium). YAY!!!

  4. So where is the Bourbon Maple Syrup recipe?!?!?!

    Your recipe sounds delicious and I’ve looked around a bit for it on your site, but can’t find it. Other things I saw look very interesting, too, but I’m dying to make those pancakes to soak up that Bourbon Maple Syrup!

  5. Hi Rob,

    Wish I could take credit for making the syrup; but, I can’t. If you click on the bourbon syrup link it takes you to where I get it – http://www.earthy.com/BLiS_Bourbon_Barrel_Maple_Syru_P1769.cfm – you have to try it. Amazing!

  6. Sound amazing, not to mention easy. Love ANYTHING cornmeal and transported in a mason jar… these are double win! Is there a gluten free flour you’d recommend instead of ap?


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