Birthday Cupcakes in a Cone


I learned something a couple months ago, after trying a new chocolate chip recipe;  if you already have something that works, and works really well, don’t change it.  So, when Ella asked me to make cupcakes for her 8th birthday party, I knew I had to stick to my old stand-by cupcake recipe from Magnolias.  It is sweet.  It is fluffy.  It comes out perfectly ….. every time.

Ella had a back-wards birthday.  Everything was backs from the clothes they wore to the party, all the way down to dessert.  Ella wanted the cake to be cupcakes but baked in ice cream cones, and ice cream to be served in cupcake liners.  I was thrilled when she asked me to bake these for her, as I remember my mother baking cupcakes in cones for me.  I had been waiting for ten years (her brother is 10) to be asked to bake these cupcakes.  YIPPY!

Originally when we started planning the cupcakes, we agreed that the flavor should be vanilla.  I took it upon myself to make that a lush vanilla bean cake.  I had visions of making a malted buttercream as well as a dark chocolate buttercream, and swirling them together for the icing, with a slight sprinkle of white and brown jimmies.  Ella wanted the buttercream to be vanilla, and shaded in many different pastel colors.  Since one only turns eight once in their life, we went with her wishes.  The cupcakes turned out adorable, and each of her party guests thought they were so cute!  Adorable, cute, and delicious.

Do you have a favorite cupcake recipe that you like to use for special celebrations?


Classic Buttercream Frosting – omited the orange blossom water and vanilla bean paste.  Instead, used 2 teaspoons of bourbon vanilla extract.  Doubled the recipe to frost cupcakes.



  1. I’ve never had cupcakes baked in cones. What a great idea, my kids will love it! This would be perfect for school parties too.

  2. these are too cute! i absolutely love how bright and festive they are.

  3. Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite says:

    A backwards birthday? I love it – and those cupcakes – totally adorable!!! Ella is a lucky little lady!

  4. wanda zuroff says:

    The cupcakes are really pretty, Ella is a lucky girl to have you bake her cakes in a cone. I have’nt made them in years. Should try them again.

  5. I think I’ve found my new favorite cupcake recipe right here!

    Have to also say that the frosting is wildly festive! Love it!

  6. These are fantastic!! Soo cute and I bet extremely delicious! I’m LOVING your blog and so glad to be your newest follower! :)

  7. Loyce S. Scoty says:

    would love to make these for a pool party.

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