Maggie, asked me to make her a 5 layer birthday cake for her 5th birthday:  a layer for every year.  I wanted it to be very special, so I said “OF COURSE!”   We wanted every layer to be different, to make a pattern as she says.  We went with chocolate as well as yellow cake for the layers.  Her favorite color is yellow, and she said she wanted a “dreamy” frosting and no sprinkles.  I did talk her into a couple for picture sake.  Back to “dreamy”, that could only mean one thing to my fellow butter-ball side-kick ….. buttery, light, and slightly pretty.  (she is NOT into princesses or pink)

I made this frosting with half coconut oil, and half unsalted butter.  Oh, and a little heavy cream for good measures.   I am addicted to baking with coconut oil, it gives everything such a light texture, almost airy as well is smells divine.  I flavored the frosting with vanilla paste, and orange blossom water, as I wanted it to compliment the chocolate cake.  It was fluffy.  It was light.  It was melt on your tongue goodness.  Yes, it was “dreamy”.  Next time you bake a cake, cupcakes or frosted cookies, do not grab the pre-made frosting off of the counter in the baking aisle.  There is no excuse that you CANNOT make this classic buttercream frosting.  This recipe is not only dreamy but it is easy peasy!



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