Homemade Classic Buttercream Frosting

Maggie, asked me to make her a 5 layer birthday cake for her 5th birthday:  a layer for every year.  I wanted it to be very special, so I said “OF COURSE!”   We wanted every layer to be different, to make a pattern as she says.  We went with chocolate as well as yellow cake for the layers.  Her favorite color is yellow, and she said she wanted a “dreamy” frosting and no sprinkles.  I did talk her into a couple for picture sake.  Back to “dreamy”, that could only mean one thing to my fellow butter-ball side-kick ….. buttery, light, and slightly pretty.  (she is NOT into princesses or pink)

I made this frosting with half coconut oil, and half unsalted butter.  Oh, and a little heavy cream for good measures.   I am addicted to baking with coconut oil, it gives everything such a light texture, almost airy as well is smells divine.  I flavored the frosting with vanilla paste, and orange blossom water, as I wanted it to compliment the chocolate cake.  It was fluffy.  It was light.  It was melt on your tongue goodness.  Yes, it was “dreamy”.  Next time you bake a cake, cupcakes or frosted cookies, do not grab the pre-made frosting off of the counter in the baking aisle.  There is no excuse that you CANNOT make this classic buttercream frosting.  This recipe is not only dreamy but it is easy peasy!




  1. WOW! Thank you for the recipe. I’ve been looking for more baking recipes using coconut oil and buttercream frosting sounds perfect! Thank you for sharing, Denise! Definitely bookmarking this one.

  2. Becki Sue says:

    I recently discovered coconut oil. I’ve been cooking with it, with great results. I cannot wait to try this frosting recipe!!

  3. Only you guys could do a “back to basics” piece and come out with a cake that looks like a movie prop. Mad skills.

    I’m going to be 49 soon — will you make me a cake with 49 layers? Please?

  4. I have never cooked with coconut oil before so this is probably a dumb question but do you use it at room temp (oil) or cool it a bit so it’s more the consistency of softened butter?

  5. denise woodward says:

    Janna, no question is dumb, and I should put this in the recipe. You will use the coconut oil at room temperature. It will be solid. Whips up lovely.

    Tamar, my god-daughter asked if I could make her a layer cake every year; told her I had a feeling after 5 it would topple For you, I will make a 49 layer! ;)

  6. What an impressive cake. I have never cooked with coconut oil and don’t even remember seeing it at the supermarket, must make a note to look for it. Love that you added orange blossom water, I often use it when making Middle Eastern sweets.

  7. Becki Sue says:

    I finally found the perfect excuse to try this frosting recipe… on the top of coconut cupcakes. I replaced the heavy cream and orange blossom water with coconut milk, leftover from the coconut cupcakes. The rest was a delicious, cream, coconutty frosting that absolutely MADE the cupcakes. Thank you!

  8. Gorgeous looking cake – I have a question about the frosting – is it harder than plain buttercream due to the coconut oil? I’m trying to make a frosting for mini cupcakes that is easily transportable – so hard.
    Can you help?!

  9. Hi there, thanks for the recipe. My question does this frosting crust over like the typical Wilton icing? I’m looking for a recipe that doesn’t use shortening (like the Wilton recipe) but I want it to be able to hold up to be used in decorating purposes and one that I can completely smooth out. Thanks!!

  10. Hi Kim,

    The frosting did not crust over – the cake only lasted a couple days. I did not decorate with it that much, so I cannot say how it worked beyond the piping I did. I am not that talented with decorating cakes. :) I am sure it will smooth out as well, like I said I am just not that great at decorating. I love the recipe as it is really light. Let me know how it works for you. ~ Denise


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