We are not big breakfast eaters.  Yes, we both know, it is the most important meal of the day.  We just don’t have time, during the week.  Yes, we both know, we should make the time.  Sometimes, we just don’t do the things we should do or the things that we know are good for us.  A reminder to slow down.  Right?

When we do make time for breakfast at home, it is usually a weekend, and for some reason, we have time;  no errands, nowhere to be, no bike rides schedules.  Time to linger in bed, drinking coffee, reading the news, maybe watching a little TV, maybe …. (okay, keeping it clean;  but, real).  We get a little itching for some waffles or eggs, and make it happen.  Simple.

Last Sunday, it was rainy out, cold, and we had nowhere to be, until later in the day.  There were hot lattes to be made, and sipped.  There was a big, orange, sweet potato sitting on the counter next to her little cousin, Russet, and there was some left over corned beef in the fridge.  Only one thing was left to do …. fire up the frying pan.

I have had hash on the brain for awhile now.  After, two recent, and delicious brunches at Serpentine, where I had lip smacking hash.  Then last weekend, my friend Cheryl, wowed me with a home cooked brunch of brown butter waffles, blood orange salad, and homemade hash with poached eggs.  Oh, and, I cannot forget the insanely delicious bacon.  Cheryl, recipe????

I have never made a hash, so I decided to wing it;  after all, I had time.  I cut up the leftover corned beef, and cooked it long and slow with some onions, and garlic, until everything was slightly crispy, and caramelized.  While this was smelling up the kitchen, in a good way, I plunged Russet, and his cousin Sweet Potato to their death.  It was perfect.  Really it was.  It was raining, slightly chilly out (did I say that already), and the coffee was going down all too well.  I was feeling creative, so I kept the recipe going.  Cheryl served her hash with baked kale, which added a nice crunch to her recipe.  Since, I did not have the time to do this, I just chopped up a hand-full and tossed it into the hash.  The colors were great.  Vibrant, and delicious.  The finishing touch was perfectly poached eggs, a sprinkle of grey salt, and a dash of fresh cracked black pepper.  Now, this is how a Sunday should be; long, and slow cooked.

If you are vegetarian, leave out the corned beef.  This recipe will make a sweet potato hash, with the addition of a little more sweet and russet potatoes.


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