To our American readers – Happy Thanksgiving, may your day be filled with love, warmth, family, friends and delicious food.

A few months ago, I was having a twitter session with John, Jennifer and Tamar about scones.  Everyone was eager to make scones together, sort of a virtual bake-off.  Unfortunately, I was not able to play along for a couple reason:  1)  I thought it would be too time consuming and 2) life over-took me once again.  Ever since I have had scones on my mind and have been tossing around different versions to make.  The big question was, sweet or savory?

Back in October, I had some free time one morning and decided to tackle the scone challenge.  I ran to the store, picked up some good Irish butter, some flour, pecans and pumpkin.  Then I made a cup of coffee, turned on a little music and began. I wanted a scone that would be sweet, but not overly sweet as well I wanted it to smell of autumn;  a little nutty, a bit spicy and comforting.  Pumpkin and pecans would be perfect.

Most of the recipes I found, had me mixing the dough by hand as well asked for cake flour in addition to ap flour.  I wanted the recipe to be simple, so I started with only ap flour.  As well I used a food processor;  I don’t like sticky hands.  The dough came together really nicely, it was light and very flavorful;  very easy to work with.  One of the reasons I was so hesitiate on baking scones was the rolling of the dough into a square and then cutting.  Why?  I don’t know but I was.  Instead I rolled the dough into a circle and cut it like a pie.  Easy.  I was so excited at this point, that I started a list of all the different flavors I wanted to start making.

The smell of pumpkin and cardamon, mixed perfectly with the pecans and butter while they were baking.  Even though the scones were stand-up on their own, I decided after a couple bites, to make a sweet maple glaze.  This was the perfect final touch, while drizzled over the tops of the scones while they are still warm.  Not only would this recipe make for a perfectly light breakfast, but, it went well with a nice cup of hot chai tea as an afternoon snack.

What is your favorite scone;  sweet or savory?



*disclaimer I made these a couple times and they come out much better when I used Irish butter instead of regular unsalted butter



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