Purple Cauliflower Soup

I find it funny that one of the most popular posts on our site is for a kid-friendly meal, Purple Cauliflower Soup.  Funny because as you know, we don’t have kids.  Rest assured, I know kids like this soup recipe as we did try it out on a couple.  Just tell them it is “purple soup”, not yucky cauliflower!  Even though I love the original recipe, I decided to remake it a bit.  I wanted it to be thicker and a little more lively;  but, still kid-friendly.

To jazz it up a bit I added a little more garlic and I used veggie stock for the base of the soup. Instead of a pat of butter as garnish, I drizzled some good olive oil over the soup and gave a generous sprinkle of Ezpeletako Bipera.  Did the kids still love it?  You BET they did!!

What is your favorite Cauliflower Soup recipe?




  1. Denise, that is a beautiful bowl and a beautiful photo. I love those brightly colored cauliflower but I thought that they lose their color once cooked. Apparently not!

  2. O.k., curious about this recipe. And really curious about that cute towel!!

  3. Haha, It looks like something they serve on mars :) But still, good idea and looks delicious and full of flavors!
    Nice job.

    Greets from Big FAT cook

  4. Such a beautiful colored soup!

  5. Thanks Maria. Not only pretty but it is really tasty. Kids love the color, so they love to eat it!! ~ Denise


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