Ancho Chili Butternut Squash Soup with Mushroom Medley

If you are a regular reader you are well aware that we eat a lot of soup, especially, butternut squash.  I am always trying to perfect the recipe.  I love the texture of this squash and how creative you can be with the ingredients;  meatless, only veggies, pasta, creamy, no cream, just so many options.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the variations I make but am still longing for the perfect bowl.  You know;  thick, creamy (without the calories), not too sweet and slightly savory.  Ninety perfect of the creamy textured soups I make do not have any milk or cream.   I use the food-processor (you can use a blender) to make them ultra creamy with less the calories.  I am pretty sure I have come pretty darn close to perfection this time.

I kept is simple ….butternut squash, shallots, garlic, veggie stock and ancho chili powder for some depth and a bit of a smoky flavor.  As well I wanted to bring in a bit of the forest by adding a little more texture (I am a bit texture freak) so I made a medley of mushrooms that was lightly seasoned with olive oil, maldon salt and a little Ezpeletako Bipera (Basque paprika) and served it as a garnish with the soup.  The mushrooms were slightly spicy which was the perfect companion for the sweet butternut squash soup.  The perfect soup to ease yourself into winter.

*disclaimer – I serve all my soup “meals” with a nice green salad and a crusty loaf of warm bread!

What is your favorite way to cook butternut squash?



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  1. That soup bowl looks like it’s floating towards me — it’s going straight to Vancouver, right? :D Excellent shot. Your soup looks so creamy, I can’t believe it has no milk and cream. I don’t cook with butternut squash enough and I should!

  2. This is a gorgeous soup. It looks rich, creamy and perfect for fall. I think I have to go with soup as my favorite preparation. This may very well be it!

  3. Joy – it is so easy to make this soup creamy, just toss into the food processor. Perfect!

    El – I love making soups as well. We eat a lot of them during the winter, so get ready!

  4. Joy – it is so easy to make this soup creamy, just toss into the food processor. Perfect!

    El – I love making soups as well. We eat a lot of them during the winter, so get ready!

  5. I too, love the velvety creaminess of butternut squash soups. I had mu first one about 15 years ago, and was hooked immediately. I adore how simple this one is as far as ingredients, and the addition of the ancho and mushroom medley is a stroke of pure genius!

    Gorgeous shot, too. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Wow. This looks amazing – I especially like that it’s not overly sweet like some butternut squash soups. I was going to make a celery root-chestnut soup for a fancy dinner party this weekend, but maybe I’ll make this instead. Of course, if I feature it on my own blog I will post a link to your site!

  7. wow, this looks so good!!! and it’s pretty healthy too. no heavy cream.

  8. Shoot! I just made a butternut squash soup for a ladies gathering tonight. I used the curry family of spices but I LOVE the look of what you did here. And the mushroom garnish is genius. I truly love butternut squash soup – all versions – but the smoothness kind of bores me after a while. Gorgeous lady!

  9. Yum! What a great time of year to be cooking squash! Have you ever tried butternut squash risotto? It’s my fave!

  10. Your soup looks so pretty with the mushrooms on top!


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