I made this recipe a few years ago and loved it.  It is really the perfect, go to recipe, for that left-over roasted chicken.  Or for that matter for those lazy nights (such as this one) when you pick up a roasted chicken from the market.  Not your typical chicken salad but equally as delicious is this recipe for Chutney Chicken Lettuce Cups.

What do I like about this particular recipe?  The exotic flavors:  zesty lime, spicy peppers and slightly sour but sweet Major Grey Chutney – the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and sour.  When I originally made this recipe, I felt it was a bit saucy, so I decided to cut the amount of mayo this time.  As well I left the almonds out, mainly because I did not have any (remember it is suppose to be a go-to recipe) but also, because I just did not feel like adding them.  I love that this salad is not slapped between a couple slices of bread.  Instead it is cuddled between crispy pieces of red leaf butter lettuce, with sprigs of basil, cilantro and a healthy dose of thinly sliced radishes.  Sounds like a lot of different flavors?  Don’t worry, it is cool, crisp, refreshing;  the perfect balance.

What is your favorite recipe for left over chicken?

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