Beef Short Ribs with Sriracha Marinade

Short ribs are available year round so why do I only make them in the summer months?  I love them, I should be making them year round.  Now I cannot blame it on the balmy sunny summer weather for peaking this interest in me as we live in San Francisco.  I really should be making these more often as they are amazingly delicious.  Slightly spicy.  Slightly sweet.  And a little bit zippy thanks to the addition of fresh ginger.

I am going to apologize immediately for the recipe as it is made by taste.  I don’t measure anything, I just pour, mix and pour a little bit more.  We prefer them a little spicier so I add a lot of sriracha as well we love ginger so I go a little heavy on that.  I feel the longer you marinate them the better, so allow at least 3 hours if not overnight.  Then fire up the grill and cook them to perfection.  These ribs are perfect served with grilled white corn or a hearty green salad.  No matter what you serve with them you are going to love sinking your teeth into their meaty and juicy goodness.

Enjoy!  Have a safe and memorable long weekend!

What will you be grilling this Memorial Day Weekend?



  1. Those look irresistible! Siracha sauce is wonderful…



  2. Man you’re making me hungry. I can almost taste em.

    Great photos btw.

  3. I’ve seen but never made Siracha sauce. I like the photos….makes me long for real summer here in the Netherlands (after a weekend of rain!)

  4. Emily says:

    These look great — how long do they take to grill? I’ve always cooked beef short ribs low and slow to melt the connective tissue — do you do the same on the grill?

  5. Um, can you move to the East-Coast? Please???? It would be so much fun to trade baked good with each other. And I’d make you tons of cake for simple meals like this! Oh. Am I drooling. Great post! And the photos are absolutely amazing!

  6. Why can’t you just post the recipe here with your pictures? It’s baffling that you have to try to access it through a link to a link and then wind up having to set up a google account to get the recipe.


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