Ten in 10 | Week 3


I am running out to the market and wanted to get this up before it was not Saturday.  I had all intentions of writing out a decent post, detailing how and what we are doing at this point for our Ten in 10 Healthy Challenge …. time got away from me.  Next week I will go into greater detail!

Overall we were good this week.  We ate well and even introduced some lean proteins into our eat only veggie diet that  we have been following.  I did not get a chance to run – the weather was horrible and I could not bring myself to run in the rain – we did not make it to yoga, it was too wet and cold out, we could not get out of the comfy bed.

This week we are going to try harder with our goals of adding more work outs and some yoga to our game plan.

We did add another recipe to our Healthy Superbowl Recipes series, baked kale chips!  They are not only good to serve at your Superbowl party but they are good to have laying around for snacking at home or the office!

Beginning Weight End Weight











Spin Pilates Spin Pilates Pilates



Spin Climb Spin Climb Climb


  1. You have a variety of workouts to do during the week. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Keep up the good work! I also like that your workouts are varied – that keeps it interesting. :)

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