Almond flour and sugar is gently folded with egg whites to create the French macaron.  Nestled between the delicate cookies is a slight layer of  nutty but chocolatey Nutella.

Macarons 0909

I have to admit I have been eavesdropping on a Twitter conversation between, Jamie, Deeba, Hilda, Aparna, Barbara, Meeta, Ilva, Shelley, Erin, DeborahRachael, and Ria the past couple of weeks.  Okay, I do have better things to do with my time then listen in on things that have nothing to do with me, but they were chatting about one of my favorite things to nosh on, The French Macaron.  Finally, I could not stand it any longer and I tweeted Rachael and asked what was taking place?  How did I miss this mac-a-thon and how could I get involved, not that I needed another reason to bake something!  Being as sweet as she is, she told me to tweet Jamie for all the info, so I did!

This wonderful group of bloggers are attempting to perfect the macaron, the French macaron, by using one of the queens of macarons, recipe, Helen of Tartelette.    Now since I was a little behind, they are posting today, the 15th, I had to take jump on it and decided only to make one round of macs using Helen’s recipe.  We were suppose to make the basic shell and fill with a chocolate ganache.  Everything was right on track, egg whites sat out for 24 hours, the batter came together beautifully, the macs looked so pretty on the baking sheet, they came out of the oven looking the best they ever have (mine usually look like dreidels), they had feet, yes, they had feet and then after they cooled, I attempted to remove them from the baking sheet and their feet, legs and all, stayed behind!  What went WRONG?  I think I should have baked maybe one more minute (Jamie suggested this as well) or maybe it was the humidity in the air?  I had one left that was nearly perfect, well, it had a top and bottom, the rest, well, let’s just say they make nice little noshes with a hot cup of coffee!

*disclaimer, I did not, I say DID NOT make a batch of ganache for this photo shoot, I used nutella.

Recipe:  Macarons